hi, i'm ellie day

twitter: @heyellieday

my personal mission 🌈

To use my ever-increasing expertise, empathy, passion, and access to meaningfully improve the quality of life of an ever-increasing number of individuals.

my vision statement 🌎

To be a change-maker that directly (and indirectly) helps millions experience more fulfilling lives.

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professional life 👩🏻‍💻

I'm a technologist, product engineer, speaker, teacher, and more.

Currently, I work at Atlassian as a senior software engineer on the Trello team.

Illustration by Olga Kuri

I'm also the director of Women Who Code SF and make strategic technical investments in early stage software startups through my product development firm, Colark.

Previously, I worked at Mavenlink, building highly usable and performant web products, like Full-Cycle Resource Management.

Before that, I lead platform development for mRelief (YC W16), a tech non-profit, that has helped hundreds of thousands of low-income Americans get access to public assistance.

personal life 💁🏻‍♀️